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Top 10 house planning mistakes

Mistake # 1: placing wet areas away from communications.

Architects always foresee in advance the placement of wet areas in the immediate vicinity of communications, so you should not move the kitchen or bathrooms to more distant distances.

Mistake # 2: arrangement of living rooms and kitchens in rooms without natural light.

A person needs natural light when he is reading, studying or preparing food. Therefore, you should not plan living spaces, including the kitchen, in rooms without windows. Premises without natural light are mainly dressing rooms, storage rooms and bathrooms.

Mistake # 3: exit the bathroom to the living room or dining room.

Doors to bathrooms and utility rooms cannot open into public areas - living room or dining room. With such a planning decision, you will inconvenience guests and households, because no one will be able to enter or leave the premises unnoticed.

Mistake # 4: having one entrance to the house.

Plan 2-3 entrances to your home with each one serving a specific role. For example, through the front door you will meet guests, the entrance from the courtyard facade - to exit to the site in order to go around the house. The third entrance should lead from the street to the boiler room. Technicians enter through it and the equipment is replaced.

Mistake # 5: neglecting entrance hallways.

Do not plan grand halls and lounges when entering a house. Be sure to organize hallways with dressing rooms or spacious wardrobes.

Mistake # 6: placing a guest bathroom far from the entrance.

The concept of "guest bathroom" speaks for itself. To get into it, your friends do not need to go through all the rooms on the ground floor. Therefore, do not place it far from the front door.

Mistake # 7: Insufficient number of bathrooms on the floor.

One bathroom is not enough for a floor, especially if it is a bedroom. For the convenience of households and guests, each bedroom should be equipped with a separate bathroom.

Mistake #8: lack of an economic block.

In houses of any number of stores on the first or basement floor, a pantry with a sink should be provided for storing cleaning equipment, for storing vegetables or solid fuel. In this case, the exit from the storeroom to the floor must be isolated from the living rooms.

Mistake # 9: arrangement of walk-through living rooms.

Do not make the living room a walk-through, even if you plan to equip an office or living room in it. You and your guests will feel uncomfortable because the multiple doors leading to other rooms make the room look like a reception.

Mistake # 10: the wrong size of the corridors.

The width of the passage corridors should be at least 120 cm. First of all, the rule should be observed for the safety of residents and according to the rules of fire safety measures. An important role is played by ensuring sufficient ventilation of the premises: if the corridor is narrow and long, then there will be either a constant draft or stale air.

Also, in a narrow aisle, it will be extremely difficult to bring in and take out large-sized furniture or equipment. And the doors that open into the corridor should not block the passage, as a traumatic situation may arise.

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